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86% First Fit Success*
Are today's aspheric soft multifocal contact lenses as good as monovision? HI ADD > +2.00D More wettable surfaces provide improved comfort and reduced deposits 14 A 30% improvement in contact angle over AIR OPTIX 8 ACUVUE ® OASYS TM ACUVUE ® ... Doc Viewer

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VSP Contact Lens Care Program
*Some members may require additional premium services when being fitted for contact lenses. the widest selection of the most popular lenses on the market, including toric, multifocal, and silicone hydrogel lenses. ACUVUE ADVANCE Vistakon ... Read Document

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Vistakon: Cooper Vision: Acuvue 2 Biomedics 55 Premier Acuvue ...
Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus Biofinity Toric Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism Biofinity Multifocal PureVision Multifocal Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses and Multifocals ... Return Document

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Cal soft contact lenses an excellent opportunity for both patient and practices. Among the new designs available include the Ultra-vue 2000 Multifocal (OptiCentre), Frequency® 55 Multifo-cal (CooperVision), ACUVUE® BIFOCALS (Vistakon), ... View This Document

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With You R PuRchAse Of These
AstigMatisM contact lenses $30 on (2) 6-packs$20 on (4) 6-packs Save up to $50 aiR OPtiX ® aQua MuLtiFOcaL contact lenses $ Fitting date 2. is this your first contact lens purchase? q *yes q * no 3. What lenses did you previously wear? q acuVue ® 2 ™ q acuVue ® Oasys ® q *Other (specify) 4. ... Fetch This Document

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The Interest And Success Level Of Multifocal Contact Lenses ...
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How To Succeed With multifocal contact lenses
For example, the Acuvue Oasys for presbyopia (Johnson and Johnson Vision Care) uses a centre-near concentric ring design, which is believed to offer control of the distance/near balance according to ambient light. What do patients think about multifocal contact lenses? ... Get Document

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Multifocal & Extra RGP Multi 79 Proclear Multifoca Toricl 59 Bi/Multifocal Essential CSA 79 Proclear Multifocal XR 59 Essential Xtra CSA 79 Johnson & Johnson Vision Acuvue Bifocal 59 Evolution 79 Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia 60 Reclaim HD 79 Lesi Vision Eni Eye Multi 60 Cardinal Contact Lenses Apex TAZ Multifocal 80 Eni Eye ... Read Full Source

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Fitting Guide
Proclear Multifocal lenses are intended for patients with less than -0.75D of cylinder. distance, intermediate, and near vision, often the problem with the distance vision will be in the N lens. multifocal fitting tips example #1 example #2 final contact lens rx ... View This Document

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IKeeps Blue Frequency 38 Durasoft 2 Opaque Hydrocurve Soflens Cibasoft Proclear EuroClasse Male Sunglasses O2 Optics Hydrocurve 2 Aphakic EuroClasse Biofinity Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric Vantage Soflens Multifocal Focus Vantage TorisoftCare The Best Color Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes Acuvue ... View Video

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Submission To The American Optometric Association Contact ...
Fisher, K., Bauman, E., Swallie, J. Evaluation of Two New Soft Contact Lenses for Correction of Presbyopia: the Focus Progressives Multifocal and the Acuvue Bifocal. International Contact Lens Clinic 1999;26(4):92-103. ... Read Full Source

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